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The Core.Site:

Our small business web design solution

Have a start-up small business? Wondering how to get web savvy? When you select the Core.Site Strategy you suddenly solve your website dilemmas.

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Innovative Web Solutions

Is your website working for you?

Choose One of Three Web Design Strategies to Achieve Your Website Success:

Join up with a website design company that has over a decade of experience. Work web wonders for your small to medium-sized business with our well-earned wisdom and insight. Norlink focuses personal attention on every project. We'll sit down with you and discuss every need and every target, and we'll help you achieve your sales and communication goals in a time frame you can live with. Our experience of ten-plus years has taught us about a wide variety of businesses and we are adept at finding a multiplicity of solutions.

Everything on your website will be hand coded: no WYSIWYG editors are used. This hand coding ensures your special needs are met, so your website will be more search engine friendly and have faster load times. Hand coding also makes your website easier and swifter to update.

Once your wonderful new website is up and running, Norlink will quietly partner with you to insure maximum performance and return on investment. You'll receive unparalleled attention to detail. Equal weight is given to the creation and selection of your copy, your layout and your photos for a professional look.

Select one of our three web design strategies to make your website a resounding success! Choose one of our Website Design Packages today.