3 Benefits of Appointment Scheduling Software

Have you ever been frustrated trying to book an appointment with someone?

Technology and the way we run our businesses is always changing and evolving. When I first started Norlink, if someone wanted to book an appointment with me they would call me up or email, we would do the back and forth dance to find a time that worked for both of us. Sometimes we'd find a time quickly and others it took a few tries but eventually we'd have our meeting.

Then came along online scheduling software. No more of that back and forth dance, you don't even have to pick up a phone to book an appointment with me anymore. Simply follow a link on my website, check out my availability and we've got an appointment!

What I Love about Appointment Scheduling Software:

1. Integrates Into My Calendar

I love that this integrates right into my calendar and looks to see that I don't have anything else booked. Most software will also give you buffer time before/after appointments that you can set. I can also set what days and times that I want to be available for appointments to help me schedule my week better. How awesome is that?

2. Automate Reminder Emails

Once a meeting is booked, a confirmation email is sent and reminder emails can be sent to both you and the attendee to reduce the chances of missed appointments. The emails also include a link for the attendee to add the appointment right into their calendar software. Sweet!

3. Embeds Right Into My Website

I can embed my booking calendar right into my website so users don't need to use elsewhere to book with me. This helps to tie in my branding with my booking form and keeps users on my website.

4. Bonus – Take Payments

With Book Like a Boss, and other systems you can integrate payments into your bookings to pre-pay for meetings, services or even products. Currently I'm not using this feature, but I might look at adding it in at some point when I do training or strategy sessions. Some even let you use Coupons so if you wanted to offer a free session, you can use a coupon for that.

I started out with Calendly and it was good, I could book meetings but I felt that I wanted a little more. I heard about Book Like a Boss and I was sold. We've been using Book Like a Boss since January and have been incredibly happy with it.

Do you have questions about how to integrate appointment scheduling software into your website? Get in touch!

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