Website Strategy & Copywriting Services

Writing your own website copy is tough — you're not a writer, you don't have the time, and have no idea what to actually write.

Your website copy needs to resonate with a reader before they're going to buy from you.

TRUTH: Ugly websites convert…
when the content is dialed in

You might be thinking that you need a new website to help boost sales and conversions but that likely isn’t the case. Using the right words on your website can tap into emotions and drive action even when the page itself lacks great design.

If you're like most of my clients…

  • You tried writing the content yourself (and maybe modeled a competitor's site) but the leads are not coming in
  • You were handed worksheets from your web agency and told to ‘fill it out
  • Your web agency told you to provide the content before upfront and you have no idea what you need, where to start, or what to say
  • You’ve been procrastinating because it just feels hard.

Here's the thing: Copywriting isn't your thing, so why try to become a copywriter and put that pressure on yourself or that work on your already bulging to-do list?

There is a better way and I can help…

Frustrated person with crumpled up paper around them and a broken pencil
Sketching out a user flow on a website

Strategy First, Words Second

You need website copy and content that speaks to your ideal customers — content that moves them into your funnel and copy that inspires them to take the next step toward working with you.

To do this, you need to understand your customers and look at:

  • What words they're using
  • Their pain points and struggles
  • Their dreams and desires

By diving deeper into your target audience and really getting to know them, they'll relate to (and connect with) your copy.

My 6-Step Process

1. Research

I dive into the words your customers use so visitors can relate to and connect with your copy helping them self-identify as a perfect fit.

2. SEO

I ensure your keywords match the words prospects use when searching for what you do so you get more traffic from those who need you the most.

3. Strategy

I prioritize your specific business objectives and revenue-generating offers so no page is overlooked and your message is consistent.

4. Writing

I write for your ideal buyers so they connect with your brand, relate to your message, and see your services as exactly what they’re looking for.

5. Refine

You’ll provide feedback, I’ll revise and refine. Together we'll collaborate to get your copy and content over the finish line.

6. Celebrate

Aww yeah, you got this done! Your website copy is ready to go and it’s exactly what your web designer or agency partner need to get started.

Website Strategy & Copywriting Packages:

Become your web designer's dream client by showing up with your website content strategy and content ready to go.

Web Copy 3

Starting at $2,500

3 Primary Pages

2 Support Pages

3 Blurbs

Keyword Research

Basic content wireframes

2 rounds of revisions

Web Copy 5

Starting at $4,500

5 Primary Pages

3 Support Pages

5 Blurbs

Keyword Research

Basic content wireframes

2 rounds of revisions

Web Copy 10

Starting at $8,500

10 Primary Pages

5 Support Pages

7 Blurbs

Keyword Research

Basic content wireframes

2 rounds of revisions

Need additional pages or a custom package? Let's talk!

What Our
Clients Say

“I had no hesitation to reach out to Leanne — I've seen her work for many years and was confident she could do the job.

If you want to hire someone and not worry about if they are gonna get the job done, what the quality will be like, or if you'll be charged a fair price — then Norlink is your answer!”

– Kyle Van Deusen, The Admin Bar

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Primary Pages: The ‘money’ pages of your website — the ones that focus on making a sale whether through a purchase or taking the next logical step in your sales funnel (ie: request a quote or book a call). Typically this includes Home, Services, About pages for most service-based businesses.
  • Support Pages: Typically pages on your website that do not need to be optimized for selling, but still need content written for them in order to be helpful to your website visitors. Examples include Contact, FAQs, Careers, Thank You/Confirmation pages, etc.
  • Blurbs: Short little snippets of content that are typically 1-2 paragraphs. It can include a description of your company that sites in the website footer, introduction text on a testimonial page, call to action with a sidebar, pop-ups, etc. These little snippets show up way more than you would expect in a website.

I charge by package for your copywriting services. I don’t believe in charging by word as certain pages on a website benefit from being shorter and more concise

Primarily I work with small to medium-sized service-based businesses.

I only offer website copywriting and content marketing services at this time.

Yes, I do work with clients to write or optimize copy for a single page on their website. Reach out through my inquiry form and let’s talk about your project.

Yes! All website copy is lightly wireframed within a Google doc to give you an idea of how the content will flow on your webpage rather than showing you a large blob of text. The wireframes also help your web designer when adding the content to your website so they can see the idea behind each section and see the heading structure to adhere to accessibility and on-page SEO best practices.

The provided content wireframes should be all that your web designer needs, but I’m happy to connect with your web designer if they have any questions.

No, however I have a list of referral partners if you need help with design.

Don't Settle for Mediocre Content

Your website copy should be better than ‘meh'.
You need content that speaks to your ideal customers and inspires them to take action!