Tools We Love: Content Snare

The number one thing that slows down a web design project is content. We've found this amazing tool to help you write your website content and get it to us in an easy to use format. We set up all the fields and areas that you need to provide us with for content to the site and then you go in and fill out these fields,

We layout out all the fields and areas in a clear and easy structure so you can see exactly what we need in terms of content and photos. We set up goals and deadlines with reminder emails sent to you on when content is required to keep the project on time. Once the content is ready to go, we pop that into your website and we'll be ready to launch in no time at all. It's that easy! No more wondering how much content to provide.

We've just recently started using the Content Snare system and already it's helped us to finalize a project that needed just a little more content. Our client was able to get us the content later that same day after waiting several weeks.

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