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Website Development with a personal touch.

Does the idea of building a website for your business make you nervous? Are you afraid that your business going to be forced into some website template that doesn't represent your brand?


  • having a custom website design and solution, for YOUR business.
  • having a developer who will give you personal attention.
  • having a developer to walk through the process with you.

You aren't like other business owners, you are unique. Everything about your business is different and you need someone who can capture that for you. Norlink doesn't do cookie cutter websites. Everything we do we customize for YOUR business.

We walk you through the process. We specialize in teaching our customers about how to use tools to expand their online presence. 

A Spa For You is a fairly small business and the work on our website that Norlink has provided our company for the last 10 years has made a significant difference to our business. We’ve seen our gift certificate sales increase by over 25%, many of these sales being national and international, which is solely connected to having an online presence.   Thank you Norlink for assisting us to succeed.

— Erika Maki, A Spa For You

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Hi, I'm Leanne!

I started working at Norlink in 1997 as a high school co-op student. Back then, Norlink was providing dial-up Internet as well as building websites for clients. It was there that I really fell in love with website design.

I was hired on after my co-op and continued to work part time while I finished high school before continuing onto college. I enrolled in the Multimedia Productions program at Confederation College. Upon graduation, I switched to working full time for Norlink. In 2004 I had the opportunity to purchase the business and here I am more than 2 decades after a co-op that would change my life.

Leanne Mitton, Owner
Leanne with her Family
Leanne with her family in Toronto, Ontario

I'm born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, located up in Northwestern Ontario. I live here with my husband Casey, son Avery, and our two cats Hanna Solo and Mister Fluffermuffins.

I love keeping up with the latest web design trends and technologies. You can usually find me with at least 294 tabs open across many web browsers with various articles and videos waiting to be consumed when I have a spare minute.

When not at my computer, you can find me on the couch with a good book or some knitting, and if I'm not there I'm likely sewing in my office/craft room or outdoors either snowshoeing or kayaking depending on the season.

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