The Website Conversion Truth

Beautiful design isn’t what turns website visitors into clients and customers

A lot of people can build you a beautiful website, but whether or not it drives the results you want isn’t because of how beautiful it is. How a website looks doesn’t matter as much as what it says.

The results you see from your website come from the words on each page and what you do with your website after it launches.

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Website Copywriter And Content Marketer

I write website copy and marketing content that increases traffic and drives conversions

Hey, I’m Leanne Mitton 👋 I’ve been building websites for more than 25 years, and after seeing how hard is was for clients to write their website copy, I spent every spare minute leveling up my copywriting skills to help.

The truth is, your website is the digital front door of your business. You have to get it right because you must always put your best foot forward, whether it’s at 2:00 in the afternoon or 2:00 in the morning.

I know you likely invested a lot into your business website. I’m also willing to bet that you had big plans to start blogging and using content marketing, but you’ve been so busy that your website is just sitting there doing a whole lot of nothing. Well, hold my beer 🍺 because that’s where I can help.

Words Inspire Action. Copy Converts.

To get found and get clients online, you must do more than merely exist

Whether you’re creating a new website for a new business or you’ve been in business a while and are considering a website redesign, the design isn’t the first or most important thing to focus on.

Good web design is great but it doesn’t guarantee that anyone will find your website. Just existing doesn’t earn you email subscribers, leads, and clients.

Creating a business website that builds your email list, fills your lead funnel, and drives sales requires more than good web design. It requires constant marketing and search engine optimization to help the right people find you, and website content that not only helps them realize they’re in the right place but also moves them to act.

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Improve Your Copy And Content

What your business website needs to get the results you want

Small business website success relies on compelling copy and content, good design, search engine optimization, and consistent marketing. My services cover your website copy and marketing content, and search engine optimization is baked into everything I do. If you also need web design, I can make fantastic recommendations.

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Website Content And Copywriting

Whether doing audience research, mapping out your website strategy, or writing your website content, I go all in on helping you stand apart from your competition and powerfully communicate your message so it resonates deeply with prospective clients.

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Content Marketing Strategy

I’ll create a 90-Day Content Marketing Roadmap that fits your business goals and target market. Your roadmap will define content topics, keywords to include, and briefs that tell you what to say, all so you can get the most bang from your business blogging efforts.

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Content Marketing Implementation

Once your 90-Day Content Marketing Roadmap is done, I provide the exact implementation support you need. From in-depth content outlines you can run with to writing blog posts for you, with me as your content partner, you can finally forget about writer’s block.

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Word On The Street

What Clients Say In Their Own Words

“I had no hesitation in reaching out to Leanne. I’ve seen her work for many years and was confident she could do the job. If you want to hire someone and not worry about whether they are going to get the job done, what the quality will be like, or if you’ll be charged a fair price, Norlink is your answer!”

Kyle Van Deusen | The Admin Bar

Kyle Van Deusen
The Admin Bar

Leanne is an online goddess and will treat your ideas with respect. I had previously worked with a problematic website designer and was nervous but getting to know Leanne allayed my fears. Her communication was clear and she used accessible terminology so I was always clear about what was required of me. Our work together has resulted in increased respect for my expertise and growth in my business.”

Katherine Keeping | Gratitude Gem Oils

Katherine Keeping
Gratitude Gem Oils

I’ve known Leanne for over 18 years and she is always learning and keeping on top of her skills. Over the course of those years she has built websites and developed web content for a variety of different businesses and personal pursuits for me. I have always been satisfied with her service and trust that the advice she is giving me is up to date.

Tiffany Miller

Tiffany Miller

Learn About Website Copywriting And Content Marketing

Yeah, I walk my talk and blog to grow my business too

Below are my most recent articles. Visit my blog to learn more about copywriting, website strategy, content marketing, and SEO.

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Build A Better Website

Improve discoverability, get found more often, and convert more visitors into leads and clients

If you’re tired of just existing online and watching your website collect dust, it’s time to elevate your small business website and put it to work for you.

Improving your existing website copy, restructuring and enhancing your marketing content, or writing new content to attract new visitors and get them into your sales funnel is what I do every day for business owners just like you — and I’d like to help you too…

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