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Writing your own website copy is hard AF

Look, I get it. You’re not a professional writer, you’re busy running your business, and if you’ve spoken to a web designer, you’ve likely thought to yourself, “What makes them think I have any idea what to write for each page of my website?!”

But the truth is, before anyone will consider hiring you or buying from you, they first have connect with you and trust you — and that’s exactly what your website copy is for.

Toy cat showing anger because writing website content is hard and he doesn't know what to say on each page of his website
Business owner flush with cash because their new website content is generating consistent qualified leads

Let’s get one thing clear…

If your website isn’t turning visitors into leads, you don’t need a new website, you need better copy

No one wants to hear it but ugly websites convert when the content is dialed in. Using the right words in the right places on your website can attract attention, spark interest, tap into emotions, and drive action regardless of what it looks like.

This means getting more leads (and better leads) from your website is absolutely possible without an investment that breaks the bank or being forced to throw your current website away and start from scratch.

You’ve done the DIY thing

If you’re like most of my clients, you tried writing your own website copy

Let me guess…

  • You were handed worksheets and told to ‘fill them out‘
  • Your web designer told you to provide your website copy at the start of your project.
  • You tried writing some copy, but it felt hard, you didn’t know what to say, and what you wrote didn’t sound as good as you hoped when you read it back
  • You’ve been procrastinating because you don’t have the time or desire to become a professional copywriter.
A frustrated woman with her head in her hands because writing website content is hard
A professional copywriter writing small business website content

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back

I’m a pro website strategist and copywriter so you don’t have to be

I spend my days immersed in strategic website planning and website copy frameworks. I live for a good call to action, a story that gets an ideal client to say, “OMG, that’s so me,” and a headline that grabs someone’s attention and makes them want to learn more.

I have a step-by-step system I use to write website copy that uses audience research, keyword research, and interviews with you that practically guarantees that the copy I write for you sounds like you on your best day.

A copywriting Approach you can trust

We start with strategy and finish with words that work

You need website content that moves visitors into your sales funnel and website copy that turns them into a new lead. The process of writing this content includes:

  • Defining what you want visitors to do when they reach your website and what information they need to feel confident taking that action.
  • Researching your ideal clients to understand their problems, passions, frustrations, and goals, and the words they use when talking about them.
  • Interviewing you, the subject matter expert.
  • Writing and revising your content to get it just right.

My 6 Step Process

1. Research

I dive into the language and words your customers use when speaking about the problems you solve and the solutions you offer, so your copy resonates deeply with the right people and helps them identify as a perfect fit.

2. SEO

Through keyword research, I ensure the words used in your website copy match the words potential clients and customers use when searching for what you do. This helps the people who need you the most find your website.

3. Strategy

After defining your revenue-generating offers and business objectives, I map out your website strategy and the pages you need to move a visitor into your sales funnel and turn them into a subscriber, client, or customer.

4. Writing

While you’re my client, I write your website copy for your ideal clients and customers so they see your services as exactly what they’re looking for and you as an expert they can trust to help them achieve their goals.

5. Refinement

You’re the expert in your business so I’ll invite you to review the initial drafts if your website copy and provide feedback. I’ll then revise the drafts and together we’ll collaborate to get your website content over the finish line.

6. Celebration

Aww yeah, you got it done and it’s time to celebrate! Your website content is ready to go, and it’s organized and formatted to be exactly what your web designer or agency partner needs from you to start your website project.

Here’s how we can work together

Website strategy and copywriting packages

Become your web designer’s dream client by showing up with your website content strategy and content ready to go.

Web copy 3

Starting at $2,500

  • 3 Primary Pages
  • 2 Support Pages
  • 3 Content Blurbs
  • Keyword Research
  • Content wireframes
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions

web copy 5

Starting at $4,500

  • 5 Primary Pages
  • 3 Support Pages
  • 5 Content Blurbs
  • Keyword Research
  • Content wireframes
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions

web copy 10

Starting at $8,500

  • 10 Primary Pages
  • 5 Support Pages
  • 7 Content Blurbs
  • Keyword Research
  • Content wireframes
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions

Need additional pages or a custom package? Let’s talk!

Help! Write My Website Copy!

Need a little more info

Frequently asked questions

Check out the questions I’m asked most often by business owners like you.

Primary Pages: These are the top-level pages on your website dedicated to moving a visitor through your sales funnel to a conversion, like requesting a quote, subscribing to your email newsletter, or contacting you. Think pages like: Home, Services, and About.

Support Pages: These are pages that play a supporting role — they need to be on your website to help visitors but don’t always need to be optimized for sales and search. Think of pages like: Contact, FAQs, and Careers, and hidden pages like Thank You and Confirmation pages.

Blurbs: These are short little snippets of content that are typically 1-2 paragraphs long. Blurbs might be a description of your company in your website footer, the introduction on a testimonials page, an email marketing call-to-action, or even the text for a pop-up. These little website content blurbs show up more often than you would expect!

When it comes to hiring expert partners, I don’t like surprises and I’m pretty sure you don’t either. That’s one of the reasons I offer copywriting packages with flat fees. The other reason is that I charge for the outcome not the word because sometimes fewer words make a bigger impact.

I primarily work with small to medium-sized service-based businesses. My clients are a mix of local Northwestern Ontario businesses and growing businesses across both Canada and the United States. What all of my clients have in common is a desire to use their websites to enhance their brands, build their email lists, attract more leads, and get more clients.

Writing and optimizing website copy for small businesses is one of the services I offer. I also support small businesses with content marketing, and my favorite kind of content marketing is blogging. I invite you learn more about my content marketing packages.

You’re in luck! Sometimes gaps appear in my schedule and workflow — like when I’m waiting for feedback from a client — and I love to fill those gaps with smaller copywriting projects. If you’d like help writing one page of website copy, help optimizing a specific page for better search engine rankings, or an audit of your website content done, I likely can squeeze it in! Reach out through my inquiry form and let’s talk about your project.

Yes! All website copy is lightly wireframed within a Google doc to give you an idea of how the content will flow on your webpage rather than showing you a large blob of text. The wireframes also provide context for your web designer, making it easier and faster for them to add your content to their design, while maintaining the proper heading structure to adhere to accessibility and on-page SEO best practices.

No, I do not offer web design services but as a copywriter and content marketing expert who works with web designers directly and through my clients, I know several incredibly talented designer and I am happy to provide recommendations and introductions.

The copy and content wireframes I provide should be all your web designer needs to design your website. With that said, if you have a web design partner who has already started the design or has a few quick questions, I am happy to have a conversation.

A lightbulb highlighting Ideas on how to write website copy that converts

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Don’t settle for mediocre website content

To get clients to come to you, your website copy needs to be more than ‘meh’ — it needs to impress and inspire action.

When we work together, every word on your website will be tailored to your ideal clients so the copy taps into emotion, addresses problems, reveals solutions, squashes objections, and highlights what’s possible if they work with you!

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