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You want more traffic, more leads, more sales, and more revenue

You’re currently doing okay but leads are sporadic. You’re tired of having to say yes to everyone. And you dream of the day you have enough leads to be more choosy about who you work with.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the good news: The website traffic, quality leads, consistent sales, and higher revenue you want is possible when you invest in content marketing.

A wooman business owner holding a mug of hot tea as she stares at a blank page, unsure of what to write about for her next business blog post
A local business owner pouring coffee into a mug that says ugh, because that's how he is feeling and struggling to come up with blog topics for his business

The Content Marketing Challenge

Content marketing works but it’s also frustrating

Strategic content marketing keeps you visible, top of mind, and findable by people who need your services. It also positions you as a trusted expert, which attracts quality leads who are pre-sold and ready to buy.

There’s just one problem: Content marketing isn’t easy.

  • You’ve likely been told to add a blog to your business website because blogging is the fastest way to get found more often online.
  • You’ve probably read that you need to write and publish new blog posts weekly or even daily to see results.
  • Maybe you’ve already started a blog, or at least tried to, and it is far more time-consuming than you thought.

You’re not alone

Very few business owners that DIY their business blog stick with it for more than a handful of posts

Why do so many businesses start strong with their content marketing but struggle to stick with it? How about because you’re not a professional writer or marketer and you’re busy doing everything else it takes to run your business.

Thinking you’ll miraculously find several extra hours in your week and choose to dedicate that time to content marketing is a mistake. How do I know that? Easy, it’s why business owners like you hire me to blog for them.

A clock on a business owners desk reminding them they don't have time to do their own content marketing
A magnifying glass to highlight how content marketing can help you get found online

The Content Marketing Advantage

Every blog post published is a new opportunity to be found

Your blog is the education and positioning arm of your website — dedicated to helping potential clients learn more about what you do and realize you’re the perfect partner.

Consistently sharing industry insights, information, and helpful tips engages visitors, builds trust, and establishes your business as an industry leader. And each time you publish a new blog post, you expand your reach and give search engines another URL to index and a better understanding of your business.

A copywriting Approach you can trust

We start with strategy and finish with words that work

You need website content that moves visitors into your sales funnel and website copy that turns them into a new lead. Writing this content includes:

  • Defining what you want visitors to do when they reach your website and what information they need to do it.
  • Researching your ideal clients to understand their problems, passions, frustrations, and goals, and the words they use when talking about them.
  • Interviewing you, the subject matter expert.
  • Writing and revising your content to get it just right.
A pile of puzzle pieces that when put together create a successful content marketing strategy
A woman blogging for business on a laptop

Your Business Blog Is My Priority

Say goodbye to writer’s block, white screens, and uncertainty

Businesses that blog earn 97% more backlinks to their websites — that means better search rankings, increased brand visibility, and becoming known by more people who could become future clients. What’s even better is that you don’t even have to do the work to enjoy all the benefits.

With me as your content marketing partner, you’ll never again have to worry about doing SEO right, figuring out what to write about, finding time to write, making sure what you write sounds good, picking images to go with your content, or seeing 2021 as the date on your most recent blog post.

Blogging For Business Works

What your business website needs to get the results you want

When we partner on your content marketing, you get a strategy-driven approach that goes beyond creating content just to create more content.

I align your content marketing strategy with your business goals, target audience, and industry trends to ensure your blog posts deliver the right message to the right people at the right time, while enhancing your search engine rankings, bringing more people to your website, and increasing conversion rates.

Get blog post ideas for your business and a content strategy for your goals

Get A Content Marketing Strategy

Perfect if you need direction and guidance to make sure your business blog supports your business goals.

Together, we’ll define your content strategy and create a 90-Day Content Marketing Roadmap that includes six blog topics, keyword research, and a summary of what to write about for each topic. Get everything you need to create three months of strategic content.

Investment starts at $500

Get The Content Frameworks

Perfect if you enjoy writing, hate blank screens, and would prefer working from detailed outlines.

After creating your strategic 90-Day Content Marketing Roadmap, we’ll collaborate to implement your roadmap and get all six of your blog posts (two per month) published. For each blog post, I’ll provide detailed step-by-step outlines, you’ll write the content, and I’ll polish it up, optimize it, add an image, and publish it for you.

Investment starts at $1,600

Get The Articles Done For You

Perfect if you want the benefits of content marketing but don’t have the time or desire to write your own blog posts.

With your 90-Day Content Marketing Roadmap in place, I become the writer in your back pocket. Working from detailed, research-based outlines, I interview you and use your expertise and words to write your blog posts. I then integrate your feedback, optimize your posts for search, add images, and publish them to your website.

Investment starts at $3,500

Leanne has contributed more than a dozen articles to Splunk Learn, on topics spanning tech, cybersecurity, and business management. Each article is stronger than the previous, and she has even achieved a couple #1 ranked articles in her first year — an excellent accomplishment (that helps both Leanne and Splunk)! I absolutely recommend working with Leanne for a smooth experience, well researched and well written articles, and her particular ability for simplifying complex tech topics.”

Chrissy Kidd, Splunk Learn

A camera lens providing focus on what's ahead, just as a content marketing strategy provides business owners clarity on what to write about on their business blogs

Get Started Today

Give your business blog the attention it deserves

Your blog posts should educate your audience about what you do, answer their most pressing questions, build your authority, and reinforce your expertise and credibility.

It’s time to prioritize your business goals and create a content marketing strategy that brings more people to your website and gets them interested in your services.

Sound good? If so, let’s chat!

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