How Prioritizing Your Website Copy Can Boost Your Business

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Website Copywriting

As a service-based business, having a website is more important than ever to help promote your business and the services you provide to the people who need you the most.

While design and functionality play an important role in your website, it’s the copy on the website that makes it successful. Website copy is the strategic words used on your website and is what helps your website generate leads, traffic, and sales.

Unfortunately, many businesses focus mainly on design and flashy videos and ignore the importance of website copy.

I’m here to tell you that prioritizing your website copy can be a game-changer for your business.

Why Your Website Copy Isn’t Working

Imagine laying the foundations for a building only to focus solely on the decor. This is what happens when businesses prioritize good design over great website copy.

Your website copy is more than just words on a page — it’s your brand’s voice and unique value proposition written to resonate with your target audience. Its purpose is to turn the right website visitors into paying customers.

Poorly written website copy, confusing headings, and unclear calls to action (CTAs) can actually work against you. It may give the impression of unprofessionalism and lack of attention to detail, which can turn away potential customers.

If your website copy fails to resonate with your target audience and achieve its purpose, it leads to missed opportunities for conversions and lost potential customers. That’s not a good return on your website investment.

The Impact of High-Quality Website Copy

Picture a website where every sentence, every headline, and every call-to-action has been carefully written to engage and convert readers into paying customers.

Good website copy can speak directly to your target audience, address their pain points, and demonstrate to them that your business offers the solution they’ve been looking for. Your website copy can also showcase your brand’s personality and establish trust with potential customers.

Focusing on high-quality website copy can also positively impact your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Using strategic keywords and incorporating SEO best practices, your website copy can help improve your search engine rankings and drive more organic traffic.

This is the power of prioritizing your website copy.

The Key to Unlocking Your Website’s Potential: Prioritized Copywriting

The first step is to recognize the importance of copywriting. It’s not just an afterthought or a quick task to check off the list when thinking about your website. Prioritizing your website copy means dedicating time, resources, and budget to ensure it is crafted thoughtfully and strategically.

Great copywriting involves understanding your target audience deeply, crafting messages that resonate on a personal level, and bringing some personality into your approach. This means moving beyond generic descriptions and instead creating content that speaks directly to your ideal customer’s needs, desires, and challenges.

Step 1: Understanding Your Audience

Without a thorough understanding of who your customers are, the copy will invariably miss its mark. You need to conduct audience research to understand their problems, pain points, desires, and the words they use when talking about these issues.

To truly understand your target audience, conduct surveys and interviews, analyze customer data, and create detailed buyer personas.

Step 2: Crafting Compelling Website Copy

Once you deeply understand your audience, it’s time to put that knowledge into action by crafting compelling website copy that speaks directly to them. Repeat back the words and phrases your audience uses, highlight the benefits and solutions your business offers, and use persuasive language to encourage visitors to take action.

Crafting messages that resonate begins with a clear picture of your audience’s needs, desires, and language. Without that, your website copy will fall flat and feel generic.

Step 3: Implementing Strategic Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are not just buttons on your website that say ‘click here.’ They guide your website visitors on a smooth, clear path to action to the end goal — conversion.

Strategic CTAs are clear, compelling, and tug directly at what motivates your target audience. It gives them a clear directive on what to do next, whether subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase, or scheduling a consultation. If you don’t tell people what to do next, you might lose them.

To make your CTAs as effective as possible, tailor them to align with the content they accompany, ensuring they feel like a natural next step for the reader. By putting thought and strategy into your calls to action, you solidify the effectiveness of your website copy, converting more visitors into leads and customers.

Step 4: Add A Little Personality

Your website shouldn’t sound like it was written by an AI robot or churned out by a content factory. Adding personality to your website copy is like seasoning your food — it makes everything more enjoyable and memorable.

People connect with people, not faceless businesses. By infusing your brand’s unique voice and personality into your copy, you make your business more relatable and engaging to your target audience.

Let it come across in your writing, whether your brand is quirky, serious, professional, or laid-back. Use stories, anecdotes, humour, or some well-placed f-bombs where appropriate to breathe life into your website.

Remember, the goal of your website copy is to build a connection with your audience. A little personality goes a long way in making your website feel more welcoming and can significantly boost the memorability of your brand.

Integrating Website Copy With Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Ensuring your website copy aligns with your overall marketing strategy is important for a consistent brand message and for achieving your business goals.

Your website copy should never exist in isolation but needs to tie into your overall marketing strategy. By reflecting and reinforcing your message across all marketing channels — from social media to email campaigns and everything in between — you’ll strengthen your brand’s voice and amplify your marketing efforts, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Prioritizing website copy ensures you understand your audience, craft compelling messages, implement strategic CTAs, show some personality, and unlock your website’s full potential to achieve your business goals.

Start Transforming Your Website Today

Don’t let your website’s copy become an afterthought. Instead, prioritize it as a crucial aspect of your overall marketing strategy and watch as it helps drive conversions and propel your business toward success.

If your website isn’t turning visitors into leads, you don’t need a new website — you need better website copy. Let’s have a chat. Your website (and potential customers) will thank you.

About Leanne Mitton

Leanne helps small businesses get more people to their websites, then turn those people into new email subscribers, clients, and customers through copywriting and content marketing. If you need help writing your website content or publishing new blog posts that drive results, we should talk.

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